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Rus is an elite resort. We are located in the very heart of Sochi, on the Black Sea coast. The evergreen subtropical park shields the resort from the citys hustle and bustle.


Main / SPA

Nowadays one can not imagine a resort program without SPA procedures.
SPA means express rehabilitation, maximum relaxation and recreation of health within minimum period of time. This is a fabulous hide-away from all everyday concerns and problems, where you can finally find rest and be at ease. It develops your new attitude to your own health and body, psyche and appearance, worries and problems. This is a philosophy teaching you to take care of your own physical body, to appreciate your looks, to be in peace with the world.

We will help you to learn this philosophy of beauty and health!

The Rus resort welcomes you to its advanced SPA center equipped by the best international standards.

Department of thalassotherapy:
To your service swimming pools with sea water (with counter-current, water cascade), curative pearly baths with seaweeds (Jacuzzi), a room of underwater massage with phyto extracts and seaweeds.

Department of exclusive aesthetic health care:

  • Room for wrapping in seaweeds and honey. Here you will be massaged and wrapped in the curative mixture of honey and seaweeds, and then put into the special capsule Sun Spectra. Hyperthermy, vibromassage, aromatherapy, chromotherapy, treatment with ionized air, - all this is included into each procedure. Your body will be grateful to you for such care!
  • Room for dry hydromassage baths Hydro Jet (Germany). This is where one of our unique procedures is performed: you are massaged with flows of water, yet you stay dry! The secret is in the membrane that protects your body from water in the bath. While you are enjoying this dry bath, the muscular tone is being corrected and relaxed, all functions of your motor system, decrease of stress hormones. This is worth trying!
  • Rooms of electromiostimulation, press therapy and electrolymphodrenage are equipped with automated systems of press therapy Lympha Mat (Germany), lymphodrenage Lympha Vision (Germany), miostimulation Transion (Italy). These procedures belong to the type of massage. However, this is a deeper, functional massage. The apparatus simulates muscular contractions and improved advancement of blood to the heart. Such procedures are very good for vascular incompetence, aftereffects of thrombophlebitis, post-injury edema, for rehabilitation after phlebectomy, as an element of an integrated course of refinement and weight correction.
  • Room of anti-cellulite laser therapy and ultrasonic therapy (apparatus BTL-Slovenia). Our professionals make impossible possible! Visit this room, and you will get back your youthfulness and regain the beauty of your skin.
  • Massage rooms. Our high class professionals in massage apply (when indicated by doctors) anti-cellulite and bioactive regents to achieve maximum curative effect.
  • Room for monitored cleansing of intestine colonohydrotherapy.
    This is where you body will be cleaned of all hazardous contents. As a result, your general condition will improve, you will get rid of excess weight, your skin condition will improve (the rejuvenation effect), skin eruption will disappear.
  • Room for spine traction by Detenzor (Germany). A therapeutic board Detenzor allows to release your spine and intervertebral disks of tension by application of inclined plates that can change their hardness depending on the body mass. This procedure has no counter-indications. All pains in the spine decrease after this procedure, and after a course of treatment they completely disappear.
  • Solarium Elegance Meliotek (France). Here you will gain the most beautiful and healthy suntan, no matter what season it is!
  • Phytobar.Here you will be offered a cup of aromatic tea made of healing herbs by all proper recipes of alternative medicine. Depending on the doctors prescription your tea will beyoure your general benefit or for specialized effect on your health (for example, diuretic, nephritic, vitamin-rich, etc.). Anyway it will always be delicious and healthy!
  • Anti-stress rooms. This is where you harmoniously combine pleasure with benefit. These rooms are equipped at the most advanced level of health care, including multipurpose rehabilitation capsules Sun Spectra (USA) and apparatuses for electrosleep.
    SPA-capsule Sun Spectra produces an integrated effect by aromatherapy, vibromassage, sauna (dry warmth), ionized air, thermo relaxation, light-and music therapy. As a result of this treatment you will feel complete relaxation and get rid of the syndrome of permanent tension and tiredness, undergo detoxication of your organism, weight correction, improvement of skin condition, improvement of sleep and biorhythms, and feel anesthetic effect in case of a some chronic diseases.
  • One of the most popular treatment procedures is given in the room for endoecological rehabilitation: where cell-cleaning is performed by a very special set of procedures (see the section on Specialized programs).

SPA programs:

3-Day Program

1. Physical therapists consultation (1)

2. Fitness (2)

3. Cedar Spa (1)

4. LPG Lipo massage with rollers and vacuum (1)

5. Facial/head massage (2)

7-Day Program (version 1)

1. Physical therapists consultation (1)

2. Gynecologists (urologists) consultation (1)

3. Bodyflex / Aqua aerobics (7)

4. Cedar Spa (2)

5. General massage with aromatic oils (3)

6. Underwater shower hydro massage (3)

7. Body wrap in Sanspectra SPA capsule (2)

7-Day Program (version 2)

1. Physical therapists consultation (1)

2. Gynecologists (urologists) consultation (1)

3. Bodyflex / Aqua aerobics (7)

4. Underwater shower hydro massage (3)

5. Finnish sauna, Hamam (3)

6. Facial/head massage (2)

7. Hand massage/paraffin bath (2)

8. Facial wrap in Sanspectra SPA capsule(2)

It would be difficult to make a list of everything offered at Rus. You should come and see it all for yourself.
Relax, have a rest and enjoy the comfort!
Come now! We work 365 days a year!