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Rus is an elite resort. We are located in the very heart of Sochi, on the Black Sea coast. The evergreen subtropical park shields the resort from the city’s hustle and bustle.


Main / Services / Conferences

Rus resort’s convenient downtown location, its ergonomic infrastructure, modern equipment and vast experience in organizing corporate, international associate and government meetings, congresses and conferences will help you stage your high level business event.

Our resort offers the following halls in the Business center:

  • Conference hall: 437 seats
  • VIP hall: 25 seats
  • Press center: 70 seats
  • Jazz hall for coffee breaks and less formal talks
  • Reception hall for festive business events

There are also other meeting halls located in Main Building № 1:

  • Conference hall: 22 seats
  • Grand Imperial restaurant: 146 seats
  • Ambassador restaurant: 68 seats
  • Banquet hall: 48 seats
  • Atrium: 134 seats

We will provide modern multimedia, concert and office equipment: equipment for simultaneous interpreting into 6 languages, 6 booths for interpreters, closed circuit TV system with automated camera focusing, multimedia presentation system (overheads, slide projectors, etc.), video conference equipment, sound amplification system, office equipment (scanners, printers, computers, flip charts, etc.), WiFi, on-line conference equipment.

Our Catering experts will help to create the friendly and at ease atmosphere at your business event, to iron out the differences and make the communication more efficient.

Rus resort Main Building Catering service, Kremlevsky Food Production Facility, is a recognized authority in catering at business meetings, negotiations, briefings and large-scale events.

Large and diverse banquet menu, fine dining dishes and a great wine cellar, professionalism and efficiency of staff will make any dinner, coffee break, reception or business lunch an unforgettable experience.

Consider diversifying your business program with cultural and entertainment activities.

Guests of the resort can enjoy the movie theater program, a variety of excursions, indoor sweet and sea water swimming pools, outdoor sea water swimming pool, SPA center, gym, volleyball and tennis courts, pool/billiards and cigar rooms.

Conference service package includes: transfer, equipped halls and offices, telecommunication services, help of trained staff, accommodation of all the participants and VIP guests, food and cultural/entertainment program.