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Rus is an elite resort. We are located in the very heart of Sochi, on the Black Sea coast. The evergreen subtropical park shields the resort from the citys hustle and bustle.

Fee-based resort treatment

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List of fee-based resort treatment services at Rus Resort Complex

Type of service
Issue a Resort guest's treatment card
Doctors appointment:
General practitioner, neuropathologist, pediatrician, cardiologist, physiotherapist, urologist-andrologist, gynecologist, otolaryngologist, ophthalmologist, chiropractic, dietician, dermatologist, coloproctologist, acupuncturist/reflexologist.
        - Primary appointment
        - Second appointment
Medical tests
Clinic and biochemical tests:
Blood tests:
        - general blood test
        - biochemical blood test (detailed)
        - blood type, rhesus
        - coagulogram
        - prothrombin
        - fibrinogenous
        - lipidogram
        - glucose
        - molecular-biological method of human papillomavirus detection
        - immunologic instant diagnosis of helicobacter infection (in case of gastric ulcer, dodecadactylon and chronic gastritis)
Instant tests for infection diagnosis:
        - Hepatitis C
        - HIV
        - Passive hemagglutination test (syphilis)
        - Hepatitis B
Lab tests for polymerase chain reaction diagnosis:
        - Other biochemical tests (1 index)
        - Herpes blood test 
        - Cytomegala virus blood test
Thyroid hormones blood test:
        - TSH
        - triiodothyronine (general or free)
        - thyroxin (general or free)
        - Antibody to TPO (or triglycerides)
Female sex hormone blood test:
        - FSH
        - LH
        - prolactin
        - progesterone
        - estradiol
        - CGT
Male sex hormone blood test
        -  testosterone
        - free testosterone
        - DHEAS-S04
        - HSPG
Pituitary gland function test:
somatotropic hormone (growth hormone)
        - common urine examination
        - biochemical urine test (detailed)
        - Nechiporenko urine examination
        - Glucose urine test
        - three-glass test
        - Smear on urimicoplasma and antibiotic sensitivity
        - Gynecological swears tests (microflora)
        - smear on atypical cells
        - spermogram
        - prostatic fluid
        - mycology scraping
        - mycology culture Collection
        - antibiotic sensitivity test
        - demodex test
        - sputum analysis, tuberculosis bacteria
Functional diagnostics tests:
        - electrocardiography (ECG)
        - ECG with functional tests
        - bicycle ergometry
External respiratory function
Ultrasound tests:
        - Abdominal ultrasound (complex: liver, gallbladder, pancreas)
        - Thyroid ultrasound
        - breast ultrasound
        - Ultrasound of the uterus and appendages
        - transvaginal ultrasound
        - Ultrasound of kidneys
        - Ultrasound of the bladder
        - Ultrasound of the prostate
        - transrectal ultrasound
        - spleen Ultrasound
        - Ultrasound of the heart (echocardiography)
        - USDG of brachiocephalic vessels
        - Leg vessels ultrasound:
        - Vein
        - Artery
        - gallbladder function identification
Densitometry (osteoporosis)
treatment procedures
        - classic massage therapy (one spine 15 min)
        - general massage (1 hour)
        - aesthetic massage 
        - back massage (2 spines 30min )
Mud applications (1 zone ) 
Ozokerite, paraffin applications (1 zone)
Relaxation hyperthermic procedure (sauna)
acupuncture - 1 session
Cedar Spa:
        - ether compositions from pine balsam
Detensor therapy (1 appointment)
Classic physiotherapy (1 appointment):
        - laser therapy
        - localized cryotherapy (1 session)
        - magnotherapy
        - amplipulse therapy ( SMC )
        - amplipulse therapy with medication (SMC - phoresis)
        - amplipulse therapy with medication (SMC - phoresis)
        - diadynamic therapy with medication ( - phoresis)
        - MDM therapy (electrosleep)
        - Ultrasound therapy  
        - Ultrasound therapy with medication (phonophoresis)   
        - galvanization
        - medicine electrophoresis
        - UHF therapy
        - UV treatment of nasopharynx
        - UHF therapy
        - darsonvalization
        - Relaxation and aesthetic physiotherapy: chrono magnetic therapy using Multimag
Panto-therapy (using blood from maral antlers) (1 appointment):
        - Panto baths
Massage with pantogel:
        - General massage (1 hour)
        - Classic massage therapy (one spine 15 min)
General Matsesta bath (1 appointment)
Localized treatment (1 appointment)
Curative baths (1 appointment)
General radon bath (1 appointment)
Radon ablution (1 appointment)
Manual therapy (1 session)
Inhalation therapy - 1 appointment (with phyto extracts, salt, alcaline, oil)
Relaxation physiotherapy - esthetical (1 appointment):
        - muscle toning treatment
        - electric lymph drainage
        - lympha-press massage (pressure therapy)
        - algal-honey wrapping in Sunspectra multifunctional capsule (body shaping programs, anti- cellulite)
        - anti-stress treatment in Sunspectra multifunctional capsule
Endermologie (LPG-technique of vacuum and roller massage):
        - general treatment
        - local treatment
        - endermological suite
Huber technique (body shaping,musculoskeletal rehab (3 sessions)
Mechanomassage chair
Dry hydromassage bath Hydro-jet
Underwater shower massage with phyto extracts (20 min)
Monitoring cleansing of bowels ( MCB )
Ozone therapy
        - IV infusion of ozonized solution
Phyto aerosol therapy in Psychological Relational room
Planned treatment in Procedure room (1 appointment):
Injections (do not include the price of medicine):
        - intramuscularly, subcutneous
        - intravenous
        - intravenous drip-feed 
Bandages: antibacterial, ointment, balm
Treatment in Ophthalmology room:
        - eidoptometry, glasses selection
Ear Nose Throat treatment:
        - audiometry (hearing test)
        - maxillary sinuses test
        - cerumen impactions rinsing 
        - pneumo otomassage  
        - tonsils rinsing
        - sinus rinsing  
        - treatment using Uzol machine
Dermatological treatment:
Papilloma, condyloma, warts removal: using electrocoagulation method or liquid nitrogen
        - a discount when removing many at once (30-50)
        - a discount when removing many at once (more than 50)
Nevi removal: using electrocoagulation method or liquid nitrogen
Facial cryomassage
Gynecological treatment:
Andro Gin treatment
        - colposcopy
        - Installation and removal of IUD (IUD price not included)
        - electrocoagulation
        - neck of womb cryodestruction
        - vaginal baths, applications and tampons, 
Urological treatment:
Andro Gin Andrology treatment
        - cavitary electrostimulation;
        - cavitary laser therapy;
        - cavitary magnetic therapy;
        - external magnetic therapy;
        - external laser therapy;
        - urinogenital procedure (1 appointment)
        - treatment with local negative pressure
Prostate massage
Beach first-air station and swimming pool treatment:
        - therapeutic swimming (1hour)
        - therapeutic swimming (10 sessions pass)
        - weighing
        - tonometry
Aseptic bandage:
        - bandaid
        - bandage
Psychotherapy room treatment:
Dental services
Primary appointment
        - Second appointment
        - application anesthesia (surface)
        - IV anesthesia
Filling removal
Cavities treatment:
        - treatment of surface of medium cavities
        - treatment of clinoid defect
        - treatment of deep cavities
Application of an insulating pad
Application a pulp cap
Application of a filling:
        - of photopolymer
        - of chemical resin
        - of glass ionomer cement
        - of cement made in Russia
Polishing the filling
1-appointment pulpitis treatment
        - access to channel openings; amputation; pulpitis extirpation, medical and tool channel treatment, no cementation
2-3-appointment pulpitis treatment (no cementation)
1-appointment perio disease treatment (no cementation)
2-3-appointment perio disease treatment
        - medical and tool channel treatment, no cementation
Temporary filling (pad)
Computerized diagnostic tests (radiovisiography):
        - 1 image
        - 3-image series
        - 4-image series
1 channel filling:
        - with Endometazon paste
        - lateral condensation technique
        - single dental pin method
        - with Krezopasta paste
Removal of old fillings or widening of a channel
Tooth reshaping when ½ of tooth crown is missing (cosmetic restoration)
        - chemical cure resin cement
        - light cure resin cement
        - coagulation (of gingival papilla)
Ultrasound calculus treatment (1 tooth)
AIR FLOW system calculus treatment (1 tooth)
Resort treatment of gums in case of gingivitis, after dental accretion removal, Resort treatment of mucus membrane
Cosmetic dental cleaning (1 tooth)
Injecting medicine into mucogingival tissue
Remineralization therapy in case of dental hypersensitivity (1 tooth)
Teeth decorations (skies)
SPA treatment programs (SPA massage):
       - back massage
       - general massage
       - Flat Stomach SPA massage 
       - Light Feel SPA massage 
       - SPA baths
Exercise Therapy department 
Phyto Bar (healthy organic juices)