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Rus is an elite resort. We are located in the very heart of Sochi, on the Black Sea coast. The evergreen subtropical park shields the resort from the citys hustle and bustle.


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Resorts comfort, serenity, and great caring staff, together with astonishing nature and warm sea climate, will help you relax and recharge your energies from the very first days of your stay at Rus.
However, to rest does not mean to be inactive. Our experts have prepared different entertainment and educational programs for you. In Rus, you can choose excursions to different sights on the Black Sea coast and the Big Caucuses:
City Tour: find out more about the past, the present and the future of Sochi, while visiting resorts heart, miraculously healing Matsesta, and other Sochi resorts, and walking down Sochi parks.
Arboretum Dendrariy: one of the most famous Russian botanical gardens. Only here one can find honey trees, strawberry trees, ironwood tree, soap tree, tulip tree, and cork tree. Only here you can walk from Japanese garden to English garden or to Mexican hill, then look at some sea creatures in a huge aquarium.
Riviera park: the first city park, established in 1898 by V.Khludov. Many concerts and festivals take place here. It is also a favorite place for many people from Sochi and guests of the resort.
Tree of Friendship (Derevo Druzhby) garden museum: Japanese mandarins, Italian lemons, American grapefruits, Spanish oranges all in all, 45 kinds and types of citrus fruit grafted on one tree by many famous people from all over the world.
Krasnaya Polyana - the Mzymta river valley, Kardyvach lake, view over the mountains, fresh air, alpine fields, rivers, lakes, waterfalls. It is only here that you can visit all climate zones in a day: from the subtropics to arctic ice. Krasnaya Polyana is the active recreation center of Sochi!
Dolmens: the most mysterious structures, equal to the Egyptian pyramids in age. They are as ancient as they are mysterious.
Are you curious to know what a Colchian forest is? Then you should definitely visit Mamedov clove (Mamedovo uschelye). Luck Grotto (Grot Schastya) will bring you luck, White Hall (Bely Zal) will impress you with its splendor. Guess what the water from Health and Youth, Beauty and Love cups will bring you?
Trout Farm is the only place where all types of rainbow trout in the world can be found. After the excursion, stay for some trout dishes tasting.
Russian tea: visit the northernmost tea plantations of the famous Russia tea. Drink the traditional tea from samovars in a real Russian hut while enjoying the songs and dances of a folklore band, Rus.

Rescue Cave, waterfalls Tsaritsa, Lauras tears, Tigers cave, Dragons Jaws, Lake of Love, 33 waterfalls, Devils Gates and Dragons Jaws canyons, mountains and more waterfalls, and caves and boxwood plantations: these are not just beautiful places, they are legends and unsolved mysteries. It is part of your unforgettable rest in Sochi!

Without any exaggeration, to visit Sochi and not stay in the wonderful Rus resort complex would mean to miss out on Sochi impressions and to waste a real treat offered at this incomparable resort.